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Our Brands


Home Grown is a top gardening brand offering a wide range of high-quality seeds, seed kits, and gardening supplies, featuring a large SKU count for diversity. Its seed packs contain 5 to 70 varieties, catering to all skill levels and promoting ecological balance. The seed kits, ideal as festive gifts, are comprehensive and suited for both novices and experienced gardeners. Renowned for quality, variety, and customer satisfaction, Home Grown is dedicated to helping customers create sustainable green spaces. Its promise is to ensure growth and contribute towards a greener, more beautiful future.


XTEK, a leading sports brand, offers innovative and high-quality equipment for gymnastics, climbing, fitness, and outdoor activities. Known for exceptional performance and quality, our range includes top-grade carabiners essential for rock climbing, ensuring safety and reliability. Beyond climbing, XTEK's extensive product line caters to professional athletes and amateurs alike, with a focus on innovation, durability, and enhancing performance. Our philosophy centers on a commitment to excellence, pushing industry boundaries with advanced technologies and designs. XTEK embodies the spirit of athleticism and adventure, empowering individuals in their sports pursuits and outdoor explorations.


Rooted Acre, our strategic secondary brand in the seed pack category, was created to complement our main brand, Home Grown, aiming to expand our market share with a fresh perspective. Offering 5 to 17 unique seed varieties per pack, it echoes Home Grown's essence but with distinctive qualities to appeal to a broader range of garden enthusiasts. Its unique branding strategy, slightly divergent in visual and philosophical approach, revitalizes our portfolio, attracting new customers and providing an alternative for existing ones without compromising quality. Rooted Acre reinforces our dedication to garden diversity and quality seeds, growing alongside our customers.


Osmi is a vibrant toy brand focused on fostering imagination and cognitive development in children 12 and under. Our diverse product range, from whimsical piggy banks to engaging terrariums, serves as tools for exploration, learning, and creativity. We emphasize STEM learning with toys like rock discovery kits and dinosaur egg dig kits, blending education with fun. Our kids' baking sets also teach practical skills safely. Especially during the holiday season, Osmi toys are perfect gifts that educate and entertain, embodying our commitment to empowering children to explore their potential through play.

Home Goods

Rosca, our home product line, epitomizes style, functionality, and comfort across home living areas. Our bathroom line features aromatic shower steamers, enhancing bathing into an aromatic escape. Kitchen products like artisanal cheese boards blend aesthetics with utility, while in home decor, items like elegant pampas grass add natural beauty, crafted to suit various styles with sophistication. Constantly innovating, Rosca offers versatile, enduring items that reflect modern tastes. More than a brand, Rosca is a lifestyle, turning houses into homes with products that merge style, comfort, and practicality.


Keki is a pioneering grocery snack brand emphasizing low-carb, low-sugar options, starting with a popular baking mix for healthy brownies. It aims to revolutionize healthy snacking, challenging the idea that taste and health are incompatible. Despite plans to expand into cookies, production is on hold due to difficulties in finding manufacturers that meet Keki's high standards. Nevertheless, the brand is optimistic about its future in offering enjoyable, health-oriented snacks and is seeking partners to continue growing its product line, reaffirming its commitment to transforming the snacking experience with trustable, health-conscious choices.

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