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Our Story

Founded in 2015

Our company embarked on a journey through various business models such as retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and wholesale, before settling on a private-label model. This explorative phase, supported through personal finances, was crucial for gaining insights into trade dynamics and the Amazon marketplace, which later facilitated our strategic pivot to private labeling. This shift allowed us to scale our operations by controlling product development and leveraging marketplace insights to meet customer demands.

Our growth since 2017 has been significant, with sales milestones reaching over $100k a day.
Our journey so far has been primarily focused on selling on's marketplace. However, as we look to the future, we are keen on diversifying our channels, with plans to venture into B2B, retail, and enhance our direct-to-consumer channels.

Another significant milestone in our journey has been the growth of our team. What started as a small operation of just two people, has now evolved into a thriving team of more than 17 dedicated professionals, spread across the USA, Macedonia, Serbia, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Each member brings a unique set of skills, contributing to the company's diverse capabilities. Over the years, we've made it a point to invest in better processes and systems, enhancing our operational efficiency. This, in turn, has allowed us to manage our growth effectively and maintain a high standard of quality across our product range. We take immense pride in our team's dedication and commitment, and their collective efforts continue to play a pivotal role in our ongoing success.We believe in giving our best, communicating fearlessly, embracing self-awareness, and relishing new challenges.

Office Building

Our company's history is a testament to our adaptability, resilience, and commitment to quality. As we forge ahead, we are grounded in the lessons from our past, motivated by our achievements, and inspired by the immense potential that lies ahead.

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